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What you should know before you get started

  • Moose Lottery Applications

    Moose Lottery Application deadline is Midnight  May 31, 2019. 

    ATTENTION:  Due to moose population declines in parts of the state, some units may see reductions in permits or permit issuance suspended .  These changes will not be finalized until May 2019.  For the best chance of being offered a permit, you should rank all units.  You will have the option to decline a  permit if drawn for a unit you prefer not to hunt.  For more information click HERE.

    • Application Fees:  Resident = $15.00    
    • Non-Resident= $25.00
    • Moose Lottery Applications are Non-Refundable.
    • Only one application per person shall be entered into the lottery or to accrue a point.
    • You do not need a NH hunting license to apply to the NH Moose Lottery.  However, bonus points are tracked via an applicant’s Driver’s License or State-issued Non-Driver ID Number, therefore, applicants must provide THEIR own Driver’s License or State-issued Non-Driver ID Number. You cannot use someone else's driver license or non-drivers license ID #.
    • If you had a moose permit in 2016, 2017, or 2018 you are not eligible to apply for the lottery or to accrue a bonus point.
    • You must be 16 years old by the application deadline in order to apply.

    For more information on NH Moose Lottery - please visit the NH Fish and Game website http://www.wildlife.state.nh.us/hunting/moose.html

    • Moose Lottery applications are non-refundable. The online system is NOT checking to see if you already applied. This is your responsibility.

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