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2019 New Hampshire Fish and Game Voluntary Hike Safe Card

Welcome to the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department’s Hike Safe Card sales site.
From this site you can purchase and print your New Hampshire Voluntary Hike Safe Card. The card will cover the calendar year from the date of purchase, expiring on December 31st. Pursuant to RSA 206:26-bb I, Any person determined by the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department to have acted negligently and requiring a search and rescue response by the Department shall be liable to the Department for the reasonable cost of the Department’s expenses for such search and rescue response. Unless the person shows proof of possessing a current year:
  • NH Hunting or Fishing license
  • NH Off Highway Recreational Vehicle or Snowmobile Registration
  • NH Boat Registration
  • A voluntary Hike Safe Card
Note: The system is NOT checking to see if you have purchased any of the items above; monies will not be refunded.
It is important to note that people may still be liable for response expenses, if they are deemed to be reckless or to have intentionally created a situation requiring an emergency response.
Hike Card Type

Note: Fees collected for Hike Safe are non-refundable. Card is only valid in NH.
For purposes of purchasing a family card, families shall include the hike safe cardholder, his or her legal spouse, and his or her minor children and minor stepchildren as of the date of purchase.
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